In the last 500 years Sikhism has grown to become the 5th largest in the world.

The Great Holy Avatar Sri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib ji was born on 15 April 1469, and lived a great saintly householder life till 22 September 1539. He was the founder of the Sikh religion, and the first of the eleven Sikh Gurus, the eleventh being the living Guru, Guru Granth Sahibji. Although Holy Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in April, his birth is celebrated world-wide on Kartik Pooranmashi, the full-moon day being his ”Spiritual Birth Day” which falls on different dates each year in the Hindu Lunar month of Kratik, falling in the month of October – November, which was technically the day of his enlightenment. On this day around 1499, at the age of 30, he had a vision in the river ”Kali Beni” at Sultanpur.

On the ”Kartik Pooranmashi” [Full Moon day in the Hindu Lunar Calendar Month of Kartik] he failed to return from his ablutions to the Most High True Lord [Sacha Sahib], and his clothes were found on the bank of the river stream called the Kali Beni. The people of Sultanpur Lodhi town assumed that he had drowned in the river. Daulat Khan the in-charge of Sultanpur and later the eventual governor of Lahore had the river dragged, but his body was not found. But Three days after disappearing, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji reappeared, staying silent.

The next day, he spoke to the Masses by pronouncing, “There is neither Hindu nor Mussulman (Muslim) so whose path shall I follow? I shall follow God’s path. God is neither Hindu nor Muslim [Mussulman] and the path which I follow is God’s.”.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that during his disappearance he had been taken to God’s Noble Court. There, he was offered a Cup filled with Amrit (Nectar of Immortality) and given the command “This is the cup of the adoration of God’s name. Drink it. I am with you. I bless you and raise you up. Whoever remembers you will enjoy my favor. Go, rejoice of my name and teach others to do so. I have bestowed the gift of my name upon you. Let this be your calling.”

From this point onward, Sri Nanak Dev is described in accounts as a Guru, and the ”Holy Path of True Spiritual Learning” now known as Sikhism in this Physical World of Planet Earth was Born.

The Holy Avatar Sri Guru Nanak Devji is widely acknowledged to have made four major journeys known as ”Udasi’s”, spanning thousands of miles, the First journey being eastward towards Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Assam, the Second southward towards South India and Sri Lanka, the Third Journey was North bound Journey towards Kashmir, Ladakh, and Tibet, and the final journey was Westward towards Baghdad, Mecca, Medina and other areas situated upon the Arabian Peninsula.

On 24 September 1487 Guru Nanak Dev ji married Mata Sulakkhani, daughter of Mūl Chand and Chando Rāṇī , in the town of Batala. The couple had two sons, Sri Chand (8 September 1494 – 13 January 1629) and Lakhmi Chand (12 February 1497 –
9 April 1555).

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s teachings can be found in the Holy Sikh scripture Widely known as the Living Guru Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, which are a vast collection of verses FULL OF SPIRITUAL WISDOM recorded in Gurmukhi Language and all his teachings are practiced in three ways by his Followers in this Physical Plane World [Bhu Loka] of this Planet Earth, which are:

[1] Vaṇḍ Chakkō: Sharing with others, helping those with less who are in need
[2] Kirat Karō: Earning/making a living honestly, without exploitation or fraud
[3] Naam Japna: Chanting the Holy Name and thus remembering God at all times in the ceaseless form of devotion to God.

‘’Regarding all the 10 Holy Avatar Sikh Gurus, the Holy 10th Avatar Sikh Guru ‘’SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH SAHIB JI MAHARAJ CLEARLY

‘’Bhinn Bhinn Sab Roop Kar Jaana. Ek Roop Kinn Hi Pachhana. Jinn Jaana Tinn Hi Siddh Paaye . Bin Jaaney Siddh Haath Naa Aayi’’

Meaning: ‘’People Try To Know [Jaana] The Different [Bhinn] Manifested Forms [Roop] Of All [Sab] Holy Gurus By Doing [Kar] Their Own Mental Differentiations [Bhinn]. Their One [Ek] True Avatar Form [Roop] Only Few May [Kinn Hi] Have Recognized [Pachhana]. Those [Jinn] Who Spiritually Recognized [Jaana] Them As ‘’One’’, Only [Hi] They [Tinn] Will Achieve [Paaye] The ‘’Spiritual Perfection’’ [Siddh], As Without [Bin] Knowing [Jaaney] This Spiritual Fact, One Cannot [Naa] Achieve Or Get [Aayi] In His Hands [Haath] The Grace Of Spiritual Perfections [Siddh].’”

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‘’All Spiritual Things and Spiritual Matters should be Examined Only by the ‘’Inner Mind’’ also known as the ‘’Spiritual Eyes’’, Otherwise looking at them with Worldly Eyes, One is Liable to make Grave Mistakes…”
– Vashisht Vaid


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